Too Busy for Anything but Updates.

I’m currently working on some graphical content to spice up the text-heavy layout of my posts, as it has come to my attention that most of you have the attention spans of a particularly frenetic species of ant.

In other news, I received a comment from someone claiming to be the legendarily retarded Hyde D. Montage. Sadly, instead of being a long string of barely comprehensible capital letters, the comment was readable and actually sort of played along with my rampant, but completely warranted, bashing of his profoundly stupid blog. This leads me to one of 4 conclusions:

  1. Hyde D. Montage is, in actuality, a clever satirist who’s blog is actually a vehicle for mocking the shallow, immature wasteland of pop culture idiocy that is the internet.
  2. Hyde D. Montage is, in actuality, a robot built by the Canadian government and specifically designed to piss me off.
  3. Hyde D. Montage is, in actuality, a complete moron with an inferiority complex, crying out for attention and using the internet to justify his existence, despite the fact that it would be better for the world if he’d been a partial birth abortion.
  4. Someone else posted using the name Hyde D. Montage.

Also, in a completely unrelated but still important to me (and therefore everyone else) story, that Bigfoot from Georgia was fake.  I fucking told you so, Georgia!  You know what lives in Georgia?  Idiots.  As a result of this debacle, and my general distaste for the South, I move that Georgia be forcibly removed from the United States of America.  Furthermore, I move for an economic embargo/siege of the newly emancipated Georgia by the United States.  See, Russia?  We can be dicks to a country named Georgia, too.



~ by mfive on August 24, 2008.

One Response to “Too Busy for Anything but Updates.”

  1. Hello M,

    I CAN WRITE IN AND out of caps LOCK, I really appreciate all of the hard work and I’d love for you to send me some photos of yourself, so I COULD POST THEM ON THE INTERNET’S BEST Reality blog MY SITE IS ABOUT TO GET A FACE LIFT AND I’D BE HONORED IF YOU’D LET ME KNOW what you thought of it. I HOPE ALL IS WELL AND REMEMBER; IT’S OKAY TO HAVE SEXUAL FANTASIES ABOUT A MAN THAT YOU’VE NEVER MET, IT DOESN’T MAKE YOU GAY.

    Having sex with the neighbor boy down the street does make you gay, sorry……:(

    the one and ONLY BLOG-STAR

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