Update: Hyde D. (the “D” is for “Dipshit”) Montage

You probably remember a few days/weeks ago when I made some horrible remarks about the blogger who posts at www.onblastatlast.com. In an ongoing effort to crush his meager soul, I’ve decided to spam him with vitriol at every opportunity. Today’s post:

Mike said…

I hope you die. Seriously. I’ve got to tell you, you have set the bar really high for douchebags everywhere. Your blog is the worst piece of shit I’ve ever seen. Are you even aware that there is a key next to the ‘a’ on your keyboard that allows you to type things that aren’t all capital letters? Yeah, it says ‘caps lock’ on it.

To summarize, you are a shining example of everything that is wrong with the internet and the dumb fucking people on it. I hate you as a person and I hope you get some extremely malignant type of cancer.

This is a serious entreaty to anyone who might read this post: Go here, and make fun of this guy in the meanest way possible. Seriously. Do it. Post your comments on his blog, then copy and paste them in the comments section of this post. I’ll do something to immortalize the person who comes up with the most demoralizing comment, and if you live in the Mt. Pleasant area, I’ll buy you a beer.



~ by mfive on August 16, 2008.

5 Responses to “Update: Hyde D. (the “D” is for “Dipshit”) Montage”

  1. What right do you have to judge anyone you cock-sucking piece of shit. Seriously, what the fuck is wrong with you, oh I’m sorry I’ll put it in a language you understand. GO FUCK YOURSELF YOU USELESS PILE OF DOGSHIT! Who writes an entire fucking blog in capslock? Someone with cerebral palsy I’d guess, but clearly you don’t have that, so I guess you’re just a judgemental internet tough guy who criticizes some girl you could never get with. Please do the world a favor, climb into a full bathtub with a fucking plugged-in hair-dryer. The smell from your charred corpse still wouldn’t be half as bad as your blog.

  2. Nicely done, Nomashpere. Waiting for additional feedback from others.

  3. Quit wasting the world’s oxygen, bandwidth, food resources, the whole fucking deal!

    Boring ass shit, lame uninspired rambling about Hollywood? Fuck, quit idolizing these people, you waste of sperm – you should have died on your mother’s bedsheet.


  4. couldn’t resist had to continue in the assault

    HYDE, LETS BE HONEST, YOUR DICK IS SO SMALL WHEN YOU TAKE A PISS, YOU’RE PISSING ON YOUR BALLS. Seriously what kind of fucking moron makes a blog where all he does is insult the dumb-ass readers who sent him pictures in the first place. You are well on your way to alienating your fan-base, that is to say if you have a fan base. If you do, I’m assuming they probably wear helmets for day to day activities.

  5. Hyde is a man of the people, the only one of us willing to say what we’re all thinking! I love the guy and hope he takes the internet by storm, I heard Comedy Central has been intouch with his agent.

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