Summer’s Over

Dear Reader(s),

As you may know, there have been no updates to this blog throughout the summer.  I know what you’re thinking: “Why, Lord?!  Why has he forsaken us?!”.

No need to curse your various deities anymore, kids, since I’m back and chock full of both inspiration and premium single malt whiskey.  Some of you may feel like I abandoned you for several months, so maybe I owe you some kind of explanation for my lack of posts.  First of all, fuck you, and second, here’s a list of reasons why I didn’t post over the summer:

1.  Premium Single Malt Whiskey

2.  Diablo II resurgence brought about by the announcement of Diablo 3.

3.  Busy punching children.

4.  Absinthe now legal in Michigan.

5.  Grillin’.

6.  Bought a Hookah.

7.  Slept a lot.

8.  Saw “The Dark Knight” every day for a week.

9.  Fuck you, that’s why!

Yeah, it’s been a full, rich summer.  Stay tuned for more posts!  I promise, this time.



~ by mfive on August 2, 2008.

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